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Steel City Sanitizer is happy to introduce our new touch free wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser. The SCS-WL100 was designed to provide a touch free, uniform dispenser enabling it to be placed in any office, restaurant or school to help battle Covid-19.

  • AUTOMATIC HAND SANITIZER DISPENSER: The SCS-WL100 uses infrared sensors as part of a fully automatic sensing system to dispense product instantly. Each application is a hands free, uniform amount and is easy to operate to provide a healthier workplace for your employees.
  • WALL MOUNT & TOUCH FREE: The SCS-WL100 automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can mount easily on to any wall and it is cordless / battery powered. The space saving / touch free design allows you not to contact the dispenser and reduces indirect contact with various bacterial or germs.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 1000ml / 33oz capacity transparent product storage tank makes replacing sanitizer very easy. The unique transparent cabinet window makes it easy to know the remaining amount of sanitizer at any time and know when to add product.
  • APPLICATION SETTINGS: Two product application levels to choose from on every unit: 0.6 ml (refill rate is 1,666 sprays) / 1.2 ml (refill rate is 833 sprays). The hand sanitizer storage tank is easily removed to allow for product to be loaded effortlessly directly into the dispenser.
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